Things are changing. Be ready.

There are shifts occurring and they are moving faster. People are changing careers and developing new mindsets and skillsets to become great fits for what's next.  




Are you seeking work that is aligned with who you are, but not quite sure how to move towards it?

Maybe you followed the advice of go to school, get good grades and get a “good” job, but still you find that you aren’t very fulfilled in your work. Or maybe you have had a good career but have been recently been laid off and find that there are fewer and fewer options in your field as a result of a shifting economy and employment landscape.

You know you have valuable skills to share and you are actively looking for meaningful ways to contribute, but maybe you feel a bit lost and unsure what to do next. Calgary is changing, industries are shifting and job opportunities are changing. There are a number of new and exciting opportunities emerging in the City, but how do you make sure you are ready for them and can effectively communicate how your unique skills can be of value?

Some of these opportunities are going to be new wrinkles in the way that the energy industry - the heart of the Calgary economy for many decades - operates. Other opportunities will be found in emerging sectors of the local economy like high tech.

To be ready is to see that the skills, competencies and mindset you carry are ready to meet the challenge of the new opportunities. This might require some extra learning and will require some rewiring of the way you present your existing skills and experience so it makes a natural connection to these new opportunities.

To help you take charge and intentionally design the next step in your career/worklife, we’ve designed a one-day workshop to help your clarify your next steps. During this full day workshop you will participate in a series of activities that will help you:

  • Identify accomplishments in your life and the elements that contributed to these accomplishments so you can replicate them in the future.
  • Learn a comprehensive approach to discovering your unique career path.
  • Learn the three different types of skills and create an inventory of your skill sets.
  • Learn a framework for understanding your interests and how to use this framework to vett future work and hobbies to ensure alignment.
  • Complete a personality assessment that will provide you with additional insights on your personality and how to use your personality to work effectively with others.
  • Define your values so you have an understanding of what these are and how they can help you find work that aligns with your values.
  • Begin to create a customized canvas and a bio to assist you in designing your work.
  • Create an action plan to map out the next 90 days of your work-life redesign.
  • An understanding of what will be meaningful for you and how to find it.
  • A new approach for displaying and marketing your competencies that will work with employers.
  • Curated selection of key resources for taking the next step.

Next Offering

Friday, June 22, 2018
9:00am - 5:00pm                    Registration Fee: $250 

What’s included:

  • Participant Workbook
  • Supplies (pens, post-its, etc.)
  • Morning & afternoon coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Access to a digital database of resources
  • Access to a private slack channel for workshop participants


The Bridge Co-working Space            #300 718 8 Ave SW                        Calgary, AB T2P 1H3

Program Leaders 

Margo Purcell  

Margo, president of Open To Possibilities Inc., brings uncommon sense and vision to the development of personal leadership and organizational development. She continues to pioneer innovative approaches to help individuals and organizations realize their potential. She is one of a handful of facilitators in the world certified to facilitate the LifePath® career exploration process, a workshop she has adapted and delivered to participants at all stages of their careers.

Jill Langer

Jill is an experienced facilitator, trainer, and consultant who use a variety of innovative, creative, and hands-on approaches to teach people new skills and turn ideas into action. Post-it notes, markers, LEGO® bricks, other creative tools can be found in her toolkit to design interactive, engaging, and hands-on experiences. She is a certified facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method through Strategic Play Group Ltd.





Sweet Spot

“I feel closer to finding my sweet spot. Good discussions and great information”

— B.T.


“Insightful. Made me think about myself at a deeper level.”

— S.K.

Wonderful Experience

"Innovative and engaging format, very grateful that you provided this service. Great instructors, wonderful facilitators"

— L.D.