Thought Sketching

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“I cannot draw” is what many adults say, but this is not true. Drawing like any other skill can be learned if people are given the the right methods and tools. Embrace your creativity and discover how drawing can be a powerful tool for creating and expressing ideas.

Figuring Sh*t Out


There is a lot to figure out and having the tools to understand anything is one of the most powerful competencies anyone can possess.

Full Stack Developer


Interested in pivoting into a career in technology? EvolveU is a stream of programs designed to do exactly this. Take a look at our Full Stack Developer six-month program that is tied in with Calgary tech employers. The next program will start in September 2019. There is financial support up to and including full coverage of your fees for the program depending on eligibility.


This course changed the way I think about everything! I am seeing things everywhere that I simply didn't notice before.”