Free range thinking.




An opportunity for you to leave your normal routines and enter into a space with other people where free-range, imaginative and reality-based thinking work gets done together. There is no limit to what can be learned or accomplished. Using an integrated thinking approach (including creative, critical, systems and computational thinking) we will explore a variety of topics. The experience is driven through the central theme of building competence in approaches to understanding the way the world works and the problems we encounter. This learning path  avoids traps, diagnoses fake news and builds powerful solutions.

Next Offering

Session 2 - Starts March 27th, 2019 12:00pm - 1:30pm
$225 for seven weeks.                      Early Bird discounts available.


Central Library - 3rd Floor          

Program Leader

Greg Hart

Humans are amazing. And frustrating. And amazing. Greg has spent his adult life looking into both to diagnose issues and find better ways of doing things. He uses deep experience and formal training in ergonomics (it's not just about chairs...) and critical thinking, combines with an entrepreneurial spirit to help people break towards - and not with - reality to create better lives.





Terrifying to see how many biases I am carrying around but great to get a grip on them

Changes the way I see the rest of my day after every session

People talk about different ways of thinking but this experience put me inside my own head which sharpened my view of the world