Think you can’t draw. I’ll prove you wrong.

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Visualize with Bikablo®

Learning to think and draw visually is easier than you think!


Coffee, tea, and sketching else would you spend your Saturday morning?

Thought Sketching: visualizing your Ideas using the bikablo® technique is a 90-minute workshop for people interested in using visual thinking to communicate, visualize, and capture ideas to solve problems and explore solutions.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of the bikablo® visualization method, which is a structured approach to drawing and visualizing information. We will run through a series of activities where you will learn and how to apply this technique to your thinking and how to capture group conversations. Even if you believe you have no artistic talent, we will get you drawing and visualizing ideas in no time.

We will supply you with your own visualization kit to get started which includes pens and a notebook. Beverages will be provided.

The workshop starts a 10:00am and will be wrapped up by 11:30am, with 30 minutes for socializing/networking at the end.

Additional details on how to access the space will be provided in your registration confirmation.

If you’ve never heard of bikablo®, but you are interested to learn more, you can visit their website at

Next Offering

Saturday, October 26, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm                    Registration Fee: $35 

What’s included;

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • bikablo® sketch set


InceptionU   New Central Library 3rd Floor, 800 3 Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 2E7                           

Program Leader

Jill Langer

Jill is an experienced facilitator, trainer, and consultant who uses innovative, creative, and hands-on approaches to design learning experiences to help people discover new skills and turn ideas into action. Post-it notes, markers, LEGO® bricks, other creative tools can be found in her toolkit to design interactive, engaging, and hands-on experiences. She is a certified global trainer of the bikablo®  visualization method.



“There was a perfect amount of information for a first-timer, with lots of hands-on practice time.”

- Jayne

“I learned a lot. Came in with no creativity. Awesome to leave feeling like I was able to actually draw something!”

- Laura

“Thank you for giving me hope that we can liven up meetings and ditch the "death by PowerPoint" way of presenting we've become so used to.”

- Christy


“Step-by-step: broke it down and made it easy for us to follow along and easy to try. Inspiring and now I want to learn more!”

- Ila

“This course gives even the most hesitant artist an entry point into a new way to use visual learning.”

- Sarah

“Great visual tool to start branching out to a new way of expressing yourself!”

- Monique