Collaboration and design…

Inception has partnered with an exceptional Calgary technology company, Nureva, to create a unique design studio space in the 3rd floor location at the Central Library in Calgary. There are opportunities for individuals and teams to pursue their design challenges from software, to services, to devices, and beyond. Teams can operate locally - building on analogue and digital platforms - While the Nureva Wall and Span™ Workspace make global real-time collaboration a reality.

Teams can book the studio and bring their own facilitation or Inception can work with you to craft the best possible experience to deliver on your design goals.

Remember - everything you use and interact with has been designed in some way. When it is done well, it creates beautiful and memorable interactions. You can bring that power to bear on any challenge you encounter at work, in your community, or your home. Drop us a line and we can help you launch your next design initiative.