This is the world we live in. 

Faster. More uncertain. More challenging. The demand on learning has never been higher and the ability to rapidly figure things out is the foundation of success in building solutions to meet challenges and opportunities.



There is more sh*t to figure out every day. In a world of multiple fire hose streams of information and data, the old method of treating learning as a bucket-filling exercise is clearly at an end (if it ever was a good idea). This places new pressures on us to identify, analyze, synergies and take action on problems or opportunities we understand less and less. And we have to do it fast. The opportunity to tackle this wave successfully lies in building the competencies that most organizations say are lacking - chiefly the ability to problem solve quickly through disciplined critical and creative thinking. This experience is an introduction to the full scope of critical thinking to enhance lifelong learning and decision making competence (Questions like: When do we understand something enough to act? How can we tell? Can we keep a decision open?). We use relevant real world projects that the participants can bring from their own lives. You will build and demonstrate basic competence in the ability to use a reliable method of critical thinking (and its relationship with creative thinking) that can be applied again and again in a wide variety of circumstances. You will no longer fear the fire hose.

Next Offering

Session 2 - Starts March 28, 2019              5:30pm - 8:30pm
$600 - Seven Weeks (21 hours) including materials. Early bird discounts available.


Central Library - 3rd Floor           

Program Leader

Greg Hart

Greg has studied with the Foundation for Critical Thinking and has been a presenter at the International Conference on Critical Thinking several times. He has dedicated himself to understanding human behaviour to find ways to help bring better designs and more livability into the world.




Entertaining Guide

“We crossed over so much fascinating terrain - much of it usually hidden - and we couldn't have asked for a more capable guide”

— J.S.

12 Angry Men

“I'd never see the movie before and seeing it through the frame of this course, I saw how many classic lessons about being human it contains.”

— T.B.

Tools for Change

“I picked up so many useful techniques for taking action. That, combined with the opening of my eyes to so much, has changed my approach for the better.”

— A.B.